"Fita" was the youngest and prettiest (because of her long beachy bleached blonde hair) member of the Sinagama Family. Her family fishing boat pulled up to the 10 cabin luxury cruiser KUDANIL (Hippocampus) in November of 2019 near FAK FAK.

As was the flavor of the month, Lollies were distributed to the Family including Fita. Fita licked her lolly in the corner of the Hippocampus while the others laughed freely. Later, on a beach, we watched the sunset and downed sundowners while dancing madly in the sand, to the voices, guitars and drums of the staff. Ann (my sister) did not quit and led the festivities with flair. The children drank Coke, danced and giggled but all the Coca Cola in Papua, could not entice little Fita to smile.