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Talking Haji’s ears off


It was Thanksgiving 2019 and the buzz on the good ship KUDANIL was that our investigative Landing party had been met by an uneasy (aggressive potentially) group of local Papuans led by this 70 year-old "Haji" It took only a few of the Kudanils' delicious oatmeal cookies to smooth out our relationship with our newly relocated refugee friend (refugees due to the unpaid debts of some sort).

"Haji" with the 8th wife (two are dead) seen here, seemed pretty relaxed seeing as how it was only day 6 of he and some 75 followers had the humongous task of carving out of the jungle a brand new village! He (Haji) told me was grandfather to over 50 children. His confidence lead me to believe him 100%. Lesli, his 8th wife was guilty of (at least according to Haji) talking his ear off. Thus, this portrait "Talking Haji's ears off"