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Aduh-Biak Tamu Datang

"Near FAK FAK lies a tiny fishing camp with the most remarkably friendly folk that welcome extra large BULAI (Foreigners) inside their home to sit and (accidentally of course) break their chairs! Sit...Crack...ARGH!
Only to bring screams of laughter! Here the congenial ABU puts on a grin of delight - wife Elenor is properly proud of grand daughter Wiya."


Original Painting: USD$1450, 165 x 210cm
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High Quality Print:Β Archival Ink on Cotton Artist Textured Paper, 310 gsm
Limited edition of 20 prints, all signed and numbered by Bill Bensley, with 1cm white border.
All prints are 2500square cm - dimensions are 45 x 58 cm.