Escapism - BENSLEY

Bill is a lifelong lover of words, and to date has published two books: Paradise by Design, and the latest: Escapism. There is another on the way - watch this space!

ESCAPISM Volume 1 in a series to come is a first glimpse of his imaginative worlds and showcases the talents of his team of more than 150 architects and interior designers in his studio. His signature is unmistaken lush, detailed, lively, playful, even downright seductive. He brought fun and wonder in the wildest of imaginations.

From the Royal Istana in Malaysia, a private beach house in Phuket, the renowned Siam Hotel, to his latest the InterContinental Danang in Vietnam, ESCAPISM Volume 1 features more than 500 pages of vivid photographs in large format from 26 projects in 12 countries over the last two decades.

Forewords from his colleagues, friends, and intimate descriptions of the ideas behind his creations make this volume a most invaluable reference of its kind. As wild as his works seem, Bill Bensley is Harvard-educated in urban design.

Many properties he designed earned numerous prestigious awards. ESCAPISM shows his profound contributions in hospitality designs and transports the readers to where they may have never imagined to be.

If we design a hotel for everyone, it will appeal to no one.