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Mariló Carral

Anyone and everyone on vacation in my favorite village in the world San Miguel de Allende is faced with a sumptuous plethora of Mexican crafts, furniture, sculpture, and fine art. In fact there are shopping centers of fine artists! But one and only one atelier stood out in my mind and that was Mariló Carral’s as she has her own unique way of painting. While she paints florals and landscapes like no one else, she, in my mind, is a fauvist. I mean that her paintings are more about her love of colour than flowers!  It was back in 2005 we first met Mariló and Dennis.  Her paintings swept us off our feet and since then we have become friends.  She inspires my own paintings tremendously.

Mariló Carral started painting at 4 and hasn’t stopped since, so naturally she is now a master. She also dived into other mediums - furniture design, mosaic, jewellery and her latest love, miniature antique religious statues. Inspired by original pieces inherited from her grandmother, Mariló Carral has created a series of these miniature wonders, creating her own wonderland of intricate tabernacles and miniature altars, made with pieces she scavenged for across Europe, the United States and Mexico. A delight!

Instagram: @marilocarral


Phone: (+52) 415-152-4216