Mook Vinyaratn

One designer I love working with is my fabulous friend Mook. She is an extremely talented designer who focuses on woven textiles. Back in the day she made a name for Doitung’s timeless Northern Thai hill tribe patterns, and then went on to start her own company, Beyond Living, which we work with on almost all of our projects! She does everything from soft furnishings to rugs and hand embroidered cushion covers, working hand in hand with our designers to create the most beautiful art objects and wall hangings - several pieces have found a home at Shinta Mani Wild too! Her other brand, MookV, creates the most delightful handbags using handwoven fabrics and very funky colors.

She has also made a name for herself in the art world, creating installations for Art Stage Singapore in 2016, and for Louis Vuitton too. The piece she created for them is a 16-meter long textile artwork called “River of Kings”, and blends all sorts of textures - fabric appliqué, embroidery, crochet, sequins, even fishing nylon! You’ll find it at the ICONSIAM Vuitton boutique in Bangkok, right by the river it took inspiration from. I believe she was also a guest design director there, designing the boutique from head to toe. I am not surprised, as throughout our longstanding collaboration and friendship, she always exceeds my expectations.