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Paradise in Papua

"It is the fragility of the world underseas that moves me. It is the enormous and seemingly unnecessary diversity that moves me. It is the artistry / the graphic arts / the sometimes ridiculous gymnastics that the evolutionary process takes to create a species for a finite environmental niche.
From Unicorn Fish to clowns to trigger fish to Damsel fish to Fusilier fish in their FAB Blue and yellow, to BOX FISH - ugly & weird (why would any fish want to mate with them?) to needle fish, now there is a weird being!
The debate of diving or snorkeling is a fierce one on our Kudanil Explorer. I took a quick beginners dive course from the onboard DIVE MASTER and Sunshine Man of the Universe Mr. Jason Friedman who explained the basics of diving to me. In a nutshell, I understand that if I come up to where humans should naturally occupy fast, I could have a heart attack or stroke. Well, who the F- wants that???
I will keep on snorkeling as that is where the magic of ocean can be seen relatively safely."


Original Painting: USD$6000.
Acrylic on Canvas. Dimensions: 156.5 x 155.5 cm / 64.1 x 64.1 inches
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High Quality Print:Β Archival Ink on Cotton Artist Textured Paper, 310 gsm
Limited edition of 20 prints, all signed and numbered by Bill Bensley, with 1cm white border.
All prints are 2500square cm - dimensions are 51 x 51 cm.